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Yoga, an ancient way of life-based on the principles given in Veda, and Upanishad, has been practiced for millennia as a system that has been proven to optimize your physical and mental good health, help you to achieve inner harmony, awaken your latent capabilities, expand your consciousness, enhance your joy in life.

Om Shree Academy (OSA) is a center for people, who believe in holistic health. All members are requested to contribute their views and ideas to make this site a place of Swadhyay (Self-learning). This is the place to understand two aspects of human life:
1. Inner (Spiritual)on Life – Om): Om is the first primordial sound that can be considered the basic vibrations of nature such as the sound of wind through the trees, the waves crashing on the shore, or rain falling on the ground. Using ancient Vedic mathematics, the sound of the universe at the time and place of one’s birth can be determined. sound in our first breath that gave us life to the Soul, the Jeevatma (the Living Soul) that occupied the body is the universal entity. The Soul has come to lead a worldly life and after purifies itself would get back to unite with Paramatma (The Supreme Soul). This spiritual process is Yoga. All the wealth, earned in this world will be of no use without a healthy, and pure body, mind, and intellect – the Yogic Lifestyle makes that possible.
2. External (Worldly Life – Shree): Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi) is an essential requirement for our External – Worldly Life. Here, we need to understand the difference between savings and investments, and in that direction, we need to know the information on Investments, the major component of the finance, which is the live-wire of Financial System. The success of our worldly life totally depends on our total wellness that depends on the Health of different aspects of our existence.
We experience continuous pressure (P) on the resources of our existence, the systems (R). The pressure becomes greater on Resources (different organs) due to mental inability to cope with this disturbs our breathing and that causes ailments called Psychosomatic disorders. Thus P > R results in mental stress that is the root cause for all ailments. Such conditions cause Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Problems. In such situations, Spiritualism works as an anchor that helps to overcome pressures and enables them to get the Awareness of Holistic Wellness (Om). Health is a canvas on which one can create a Healthy portrait of life using the brush & paint of wealth. This can be possible by Holistic WELLNESS through Yogic Lifestyle, required elements are:o Self Appraisal (thoughts, emotions)o Clear perception about different dimensions of wellness Training of Skills and techniques Self Motivational Support

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What is Om Shree Academy?

Om Shree Academy is a non-profit center, provider of education and training in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, massage, holistic health, and spirituality.

Why Om Shree Academy?

“An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.” -Swami Sivananda
Our thoughts are formed through our senses and the thoughts trigger all types of emotions. The emotions form our attitudes. The attitudes are more powerful than our thoughts, as our attitudes shape the thoughts into positive or negative actions. Whatever be our thoughts purposeful or destructive these keep haunting our minds, which are governed by four primitive fountains that we are born with: Hunger, Sleep, Sex, and Fear (the animal instincts). The sufferings and problems people face are in fulfilling the compulsive desire emanating from these four traits. These problems can be overcome, when our energy flows move uninterrupted and smoothly, through the paths called Nadis. The wheels (Chakras) are the junctions of the 72,000 Nadis, imaginary (like WIFI) that the human system charged and functioning. The Chakras, the junctions of Nadis get balanced when the basic five elements of Nature are balanced. The Yogic Lifestyle regulates the breathing process the primary source for the prana to the human body, the chakra shuddhi balances the panch-mahabhutas (the basic five elements) state, and all these would enable the sadhana by motivating our life force. Yogic lifestyle can include music, dancing, all forms of relaxation.
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The positive effects of Yogic Lifestyle

“An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory”, was one of the favorite sayings of yoga master Swami Sivananda (1887-1963). On that, when he was asked why he had written so many books (more than 200) Swami Sivananda replied, “Some people need tons of theory, to be motivated for an ounce of practice.” Yoga is an ancient system that has evolved over the millennia in India. Known in the West for less than one hundred years, yoga has proven itself to be of great value for westerners as well that WHO announced 21 June, “The International Yoga Day”, in 2015. Yoga; means “unity”, “communion”, and also “harmony”. Developing a regular yoga practice can help you to: harmonize your life, awaken latent capabilities, experience oneness with the universal consciousness. In order to derive maximum benefits from Yogic Lifestyle, we need to understand the human body, in addition to Modern Medical Science, and Ayurveda, and in the Yogic/Vedic (as in Thaitriya Upanishad), way also.

Awakening latent potential

Yoga unlocks your latent capabilities. As you practice, it activates your intuition and artistic abilities and enhances your mental powers and charisma. Different spheres of consciousness become accessible to you. You may find that you are better able to experience the life-energy within yourself and others, are more aware of the movement of prana within the chakras and nadis (meridians), and are able to control the prana directly. You may transcend body awareness, and gain the abilities of clairvoyance, pranic healing, and telepathy.

Union with the true self

The ultimate aim of yoga is the realization of the true Self. This awareness manifests as cosmic love, the feeling of oneness with all of creation, and the experience of pure being, unflawed knowledge, and infinite bliss.

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Responsibility of the individual

Everybody is responsible for doing something to improve his/her life. Yoga offers you a vast variety of yogic practices. It is for you to decide how far you want to go with yoga. Those who “just” want to relax and feel good are welcome and can achieve this with a bit of time and effort. Those who want to go further must work harder. Daily Yoga leads you to the desired goal with systematic practice.

The different paths of yoga

  1. Raja Yoga is the science of spiritualism, to get realization. It explains how the human mind functions and how to control it. Raja yoga is the Antaranga Yoga by Maharishi Patanjali, practices after Prtyahara include Dharana, Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi. Besides, it also includes affirmations, visualization, mindfulness, self-observance and the various meditation techniques.
  2. Jnana Yoga is the science of knowledge, is the philosophical approach. It asks questions like: Who am I? Where am I going? What’s the meaning of life? What is real? What is happiness? In jnana yoga, practices are given to help you experience the truth intuitively.
  3. Bhakti Yoga is the science of emotion, and devotion. Its practices include chanting, listening to hitihaas, and legendary stories, and various devotional rituals.
  4. Karma Yoga, is the science of action, offers techniques to assist you in making right decisions and living a divine life. Karma yoga is selfless service; it helps you to transcend the boundaries of your ego.
  5. Hatha Yoga contains the well-known practices of yoga: asanas, (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and deep relaxation. Hatha yoga also contains advice for healthy living, including vegetarian nutrition.
  6. Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of energy, describes the astral body with its chakras and nadis (meridians). Kundalini yoga offers exercises to purify the astral body, increase prana, and harmonise the chakras. When one is prepared, the mighty Kundalini energy awakes. At this time, you may experience overwhelming extrasensory perceptions, a strong feeling of bliss, expansion of the consciousness and the unfolding of new capabilities.

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The synthesis of yoga

Asanas – yoga postures

Practise of asanas enables you to gently develop your muscle strength, flexibility, and body awareness. They release blocked life energy (prana), activating inner healing power. Yoga asanas boost your body’s resistance to disease; they support and enhance the effects of other therapies.

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Pranayama – breathing practices

You breathe approximately 25,920 times a day. In addition to oxygen, you also ingest prana. As a result of stress, tension, bad posture, and negative habits, you may breathe too shallowly. You may not be providing your system with enough oxygen. Yoga helps. With special breathing exercises, your life energy can be rebuilt. When regularly practice breathing exercises, you can overcome fear, depression, anxiety, stress, and over-tiredness.

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Deep relaxation

There is a deep relaxation at the end of every yoga class. Relaxation is especially important to modern people: stress is reduced, the immune system strengthened, healing processes supported, mental strength and calmness restored. Complete relaxation doesn’t come by itself but maybe learned patiently and systematically.

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